Trump orders crackdown on ‘visa overstays’ in latest push against illegal immigration

Talk is cheap.

We heard the same thing 3 years ago and H-1B was one of the prime reasons Trump was elected.

600,000 “non-immigrants” (non-immigrant in theory, at least) overstay their visas every year.

That’s a lot of jobs being robbed.

India Inc “global staffing companies” are running loose in the US by the 1000s, stealing Americans’ resumes, selling them, charging for them, sending in fraud candidates from India here illegally on H-1B work visas.

All H-1Bs are visa overstayers since tens of millions of Americans are available for these jobs and are unemployed, or underemployed.

Besides, the original agreement in 2000 when visa caps were increased was that they would only be here temporarily for Y2K then leave.

17 years later, they have moved in and taken over.

Under Title 8 of US law they are all illegal if their working here “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed“.

They’re all illegal if their working here harms an American. That’s what Title 8 says.

The jig is up, India.

“President Donald Trump opened a new flank in his battle against illegal immigration on Monday when he ordered his administration to crack down on “visa overstays” – foreigners who legally enter the country but remain in the U.S. after their visas expire

Members of both parties have long complained that overstays are just as problematic as undocumented immigrants who cross the southern borderMore than 1.2 million foreigners overstayed their visas from 2016 to 2017, according to the most recent Homeland Security data.

“Although the United States benefits from legitimate (non-immigrant) entry, individuals who abuse the visa process and decline to abide by the terms and conditions of their visas, including their visa departure dates, undermine the integrity of our immigration system and harm the national interest,” Trump wrote in his memorandum.

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