Canada: The Indian Mafia’s Next Target

310,000 Canadians are about to be thrown out of their jobs.

StackRaft, a startup that facilitate borderless technology sector recruitment in the US and in Canada, said software professionals are opting for Canada due to liberalised visa regime. Typically, a professional with an H-1B visa would have got an extension for another three years in the US, but tougher guidelines increased scrutiny of these visa holders and new visa applications”.

“If someone is moving after working in the US, they are given priority and they get the access faster,” said Vartika Manasvi, founder, Stack-Raft”.

Someone needs to tell StackRaft that countries have immigration laws, and “borderless recruitment” is a subversion of those laws.

Where is the DHS enforcement on Title 8 violations of illegal human trafficking companies such as StackRaft?


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