Sanjay Puri of USIN-PAC should be arrested for FARA violations

FARA law requires all foreign agents to declare such in all communications. Sanjay Puri, head of foreign Indian lobby USIN-PAC has not done so.

He’s an illegal unregistered foreign agent operating illegally in the US.

He should be arrested now.

Sanjay Puri

Chairman and Founder

USINPAC was founded to give voice to more than 3.2 Indian Americans for the purpose of bringing about outcomes that matter at local, state and federal levels of government”.

In other words, takeover + changing our laws to favor Indians – totally racist + against everything America stands for.

Special classes are forbidden by the US Constitution, Mr. Puri.

USIN-PAC is behind 2020 gun-grabbing candidates such as Kamala Harris, who is an India Inc plant

It is India’s goal to conquer and enslave America. Slow motion, silent takeover is far more dangerous than military invasion.

A must-read for all Americans.

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