Will FARA Violation Prosecutions Extend to Media Organizations?

They should since many India Incs and other foreign powers and lobbying groups regularly hire US PR firms to pump lies into US media.

India Inc organizations such as NASSCOM, and US-INPAC have been hiring US PR firms for decades to pump “worker shortages” and “skills gap” lies into US news outlets in order to justify flooding the US with more cheap foreign labor.

Under US FARA laws, all foreign agents of any kind must disclose the fact that they are foreign agents in any and all communications.

None of the India Inc foreign lobbies do.

None of the India Inc/NASSCOM PR agencies such as Hill + Knowlton do.

Such disclosure failure is illegal under US law.

It’s time to prosecute foreign powers operating in the US who don’t comply with FARA laws.

USIN-PAC is even behind many of the 2020 US presidential candidates.



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