UT Rep. Ben McAdams pushing back on Trump plan to cut visas for spouses of tech workers

More outrageous foreign powers controlling our gov’t.

Temporary H-1B workers come into the US to work temporarily, then they form groups, PACs, and other organizations, then they lobby Congresspeople to pass or change laws that promote only the interests of temporary foreign guest workers, who are excluding Americans.

How can this even be allowed in the US?

First of all they are all illegal unregistered foreign agents, second of all, they have no say in the US gov’t since they are temporary guest workers.

As attorney Sara Blackwell said last week at a USCIS metting, “If someone comes into this country, and signs something saying they are a temporary worker and then never leaves, they should be prosecuted“.

India Inc staffing companies and H-1B workers from India are using our visa systems as mass immigration conduits – and then behaving as if they are citizens.

No one guaranteed you a green card, or the promise you could “settle” here, raise a family and never leave.

H-1B is not a mass immigration visa, and you are our guests.

India is trying to take over the US.

India has no concept of the rule of law. As usual, it’s an open borders free-for-all and millions of these people are controlling our gov’t.

You can just about bet some lobbying or campaign cash changed hands between McAdams, and Indian lobbyists such as NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and Immigration Voice.

This what Sanjay Puri, president of unregistered foreign agent USIN-PAC meant when he said “USINPAC was founded to give voice to more than 3.2 Indian Americans for the purpose of bringing about outcomes that matter at local, state and federal levels of government.“.

Outcomes” meaning they get to never leave, buy houses, exclude all Americans, and take over US companies.

All of this is illegal under US law.

Meanwhile American tech workers who created Silicon Valley are homeless and dying in the streets. Temporary foreign workers who took over Silicon Valley from the Americans who built it never seem to mention the “disruptions” of tens of millions of US tech workers who are now forced out of the workforce forever (and some homeless and dying in the streets).

This is outright treason. Any congressperson who meets with any illegal unregistered foreign agent, or any foreign PAC, should be arrested and removed from office immediately.

Despite what the article claims, none of them are legal if their working here harms an American worker.

McAdams apparently doesn’t even know the law

Call or email DHS + the FBI immediately and demand McAdams’ arrest and prosecution.


“WEST JORDAN — Congressman Ben McAdams heard first-hand Tuesday how a plan in the works by President Donald Trump to rescind work permissions for 90,000 legal immigrants could turn the lives of some Utah families into utter turmoil.

At issue is a program launched in 2015 under the administration of then President Barack Obama to create a pathway for the spouses of those holding H-1B visas — a document that allows employment, with company sponsorship, of those with highly specialized skill sets and high levels of technical education — to also work legally in the U.S.

The group that met with McAdams included numerous couples, some who have worked legally for years in Utah, and who are all on the path to citizenship. They detailed the disruptions that would occur should the Trump proposal go through, and noted their lives right now are in limbo as they await an outcome.

Why are non-immigrant, temporary H-1B workers buying houses, raising families in the US, and never leaving?

“Ashutosh Gupta, who is working on an H-1B visa, said he and other visa holders are unable to make simple but important life decisions without knowing what the future, and possible changes, will bring”.

Well, you should have thought of that before you invaded US tech companies, and targeted and visciously removed Americans from their jobs illegally, now shouldn’t you?

What goes around, comes around, or as they say in India, Karma.

Non-immigrant, unregistered foreign agents get to meet with US congresspeople, and push their agenda, but American tech workers never do. How come? This is illegal under US law.

“McAdams said he hasn’t heard a rationale from the Trump administration for getting rid of the work program and said he’d be working with congressional colleagues on both sides of the aisle to garner support for protecting H-4 visa holders’ right to work“.

Except that the Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that foreign workers have no rights. If genius McAdams needs an explanation, it is simply this: these people are organized crime, and their goal is to target and remove all skilled American workers from the US workforce. Trump knows exactly what is going on, and he’s trying to remove the illegal foreign cancer from our midst.

Congresspeople working for foreign powers – again.

American tech workers need to organize and demand meetings with Congress so they can “educate” them on what the criminal Indian Mafia is really doing to Americans.

Flood McAdams’ email here:


Yes you are.

Apparently never since they buy houses and have families here.

Viscious takeover.

Not really highly educated, as claimed.

100% Indians. Illegal under US law.

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