Why hasn’t Sanjay Puri of USIN-PAC been prosecuted as an unregistered foreign agent?

Under US Foreign Agents Registration Act, all foreign agents, operating with any foreign government or entity must, by law, register with the US gov’t as a foreign agent, and denote such in all communications.

Yet the director of foreign lobby USIN-PAC, Sanjay Puri, has done neither.

USIN-PAC, a foreign lobby, doesn’t mention anywhere on its website that it is a foreign agent. FARA laws require it to do such.

Puri should be arrested for FARA violations, immediately.

We need to stop the foreign corruption of our gov’t now.


Here he can be seen on Indian talevision. If he’s an American and not an agent of India, then what is he doing in India on Indian television?

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