Are Indians really dumb?

“The whole process where people get an idea and put together a team, raise the capital, create a product and mainstream it — that can only be done in the US. It can’t be done sitting in India. The Indian part of the equation is to help these innovative US companies bring their products to the market quicker, cheaper and better, which increases the innovative cycle there. It is a complementarity we need to enhance.’

Nandan Nilekani, CEO, Infosys, quoted in The New York Times, March 7, 2004.

Translated into plain English, this means ‘Indians lack creativity and cannot come up with the ideas to create and sell a product. Indians can only do the backend slog work that helps US companies create and sell their products.”

Well they can’t even do that. All the great innovative American tech companies were created by Americans.

Just ask Hertz.

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