Countersuit: HCL Claims MillerCoors Bullied Them

When caught red-handed, most India Inc failureshops countersue in order to try to cover their tracks.

Trust us, HCL was to blame.

Just like they almost destroyed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner proj + and were banned from it by FAA forever.

Screw up a proj, then tell a 100-year old business they don’t know what they’re doing. No, India Incs don’t know what they are doing as the long list of their failures proves.

Not everyone in the world runs a “loot and remit” business model, HCL. Some nations and companies actually produce products.

Me thinks the invaders doth protest too much.

“On June 19th 2017, India-based IT and Engineering services firm HCL Technologies filed a countersuit against American brewery MillerCoors and parent Molson Coors Brewing Company.  The complaint was filed in response to MillerCoors $100M breach of contract lawsuit against HCL.  The countersuit accuses the MillerCoors management team of not understanding the operations of their own business and using bullying techniques to make HCL a scapegoat to save their own jobs”.

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