How Sara Blackwell failed American workers (Disney, H1B)

We told her many times – she should have argued Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5, which is iron-clad, but she wouldn’t listen.

Under that law even admitting any foreign alien for work to the US is illegal if doing so would “adversely affect the wages or working conditions of American workers similarly employed”.

Even if the foreign worker is more skilled, which they’re not.

Subsection 5 is so iron-clad in favor of American workers in nearly all cases, even a 3 year old could use it in court to win.

Even if Blackwell meant well – and we believe she did – we have to be smart about what we are doing. Being “nice” isn’t going to cut it. We have to be competent too – at the very least.

“Actually, she lost because she did things in the wrong way. With any problem, there are smart ways to solve it and there are dumb ways that don’t work. Blackwell chose one of the dumb options”

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UPDATE: Blackwell replies to this post [3]: “I love when people tell me what to do then judge me for not doing what they suggest. Do it yourself. Why tell me what to do? If it is such a brililant idea- do it yourself. And, honestly, the suggestion is not useful but I am too polite to be negative to this person”.

Ok we are doing it ourselves – since you obviosuly can’t.

Politeness is not going to win against the massive corporate organized crime known as the Indian Inc mafia. These people are ruthless criminals.

Not only did you lose all the cases, but you set the very public precedent that none of your (or our) arguments can stand up in a court of law – exonerating the criminal India Incs, + further emboldening them.

Perhaps that is now why she’s running for Congress – since her law practice has probably dried up due to her public epic fails.

A simple reference to the Title 8 section mentioned above would have won all the cases in under 5 minutes.

Guess we will have to do it ourselves from now on.

Thanks for hurting our cause even more.

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