Indian-American businessman to challenge U.S. Sen. Cory Booker

Gotta love the way the Indian Mafia and USIN-PAC take measures to make certain one of their members wins no matter what.

These circumstances go to show just how much foreign powers are manipulating the US election process.

Foreign influnce in US elections is election tampering and is illegal under US law.

As the USIN-PAC site shows, Cory Booker is already backed by the Indian Mafia.

But just to make sure one of the Indian Mafia agents wins, USIN-PAC is quietly running an “Indian-American” on the opposing side – just to insure an Indian wins the seat.

This is how our gov’t and country is being taken over, silently, quietly, and no Americans are the wiser.

We need to get foreign influence out of our political process now.

Today’s never-leaving ‘temporary guest worker‘ on an H-1B or other visa is tomorrow’s Congressman.

We are being conquered.

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