On Stephen Moore’s ‘Brainiac’ Immigrants

Yep. Immigrants sure built America.


In fact the list of failed projs + companies they destroyed are a mile long, including the 2002 and 2008 economic collaspes in USA.


“The error is important because it touches on a key question about the H-1B program, and about “high-skill” immigration more generally: Are we really getting Einstein-level intellects with few American equivalents, or are firms simply importing run-of-the-mill college graduates to hold down wages? To support the Einstein theory, Moore cites the testimony of Bill Gates, who once claimed that each H-1B worker hired by Microsoft creates four new jobs.

The best data seem to contradict that anecdote. H-1B visas are distributed by lottery when the program is oversubscribed, so researchers can isolate the impact of acquiring an H-1B worker by comparing lottery winners with lottery losers”.

Both Gates and Moore were probably death-threated by the Indian Mafia into going along with the invasion + takeover.

Just look at all those immigrants who built Apple.

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