Traitor Bill Clinton gives another speech on China

Millenials are too young to know that until 20 years ago, the US would not even trade with Communist China.

Not until their agents, the Clintons, when in office in the 1990’s gave them US nuclear secrets, sold them ICBM launch technology from Loral and Hughes, and took illegal campaign contributions from the Communist Chinese Party, which is a violation of Federal law.

Back then the US had full employment, zero unemployment or homelessness, zero problems, and was even facing a tax surplus.

Until the Clintons got their hands on the country, that is.

Then they gave away all our industry to China as well. Back then Clinton’s big push was to “Engage China“.

Now here we are 20 years later, China has most of our jobs + industries, and is rapidly becoming more powerful than the US.

This is all by design.

The Clintons are their agents.

In the 1950s, two other traitors we executed for selling the US hydrogen bomb secrets to the Russians.

Why the Clintons – clear enemy agents – are still walking around free, is the big question.

Why haven’t you prosecuted them as promsied, Mr. Trump?

“The relationship for the U.S. and China is perhaps the most important one for the next 20 years for the whole world, and it’s an interesting relationship now.
And what’s going on in Asia is very interesting and very important. You have a strong leader in China in President Xi, a strong leader in Japan in Prime Minister Abe, a strong leader in India in Prime Minister Modi, who has enrolled 120 million people with their first bank accounts in eight months.

Ah yes – globalization is being driven by greedy bankers whose only goal is to lock more customers into their debt system. Thanks for confirming that, Mr. Clinton.

“What’s that got to do with today? Today, as it was in a different way when I was president, our interdependent world, which goes way beyond what happened before World War I because of information technology and travel and massive movements of capital every day across national borders, our interdependent world is full of positive possibilities, as represented by the rise of China and the presence of all of our Chinese friends here today, and the potential we have for investment both ways for the creation of new businesses, new jobs and new opportunities. It’s been good to us or you wouldn’t be in these seats”. [Emphasis added]

Yes, it’s been good for you, and your crony elites, and the bankers + Chinese Communist Party who control you, Mr. Clinton. And maybe even for some of the Chinese people.

But for the vast majority of Americans, it’s a total disaster, and you know it.

“But it is also a world full of significant challenges. There is too much inequality for a consumer economy to sweep the globe, around the world and even in here in America.”.


Well before you gave away all our industries to China in the 1990s, America had a full, working, booming consumer economy. You + Mr. Greenspan. + Mr. Reich killed it by offshoring our industries to China.

American industry may not be enough to provide a consumer economy for the whole globe, but if China, and India, and Russia would do the hard work of creating at least one new major industry each, that problem might be solved too, Mr. Clinton.

But then again they won’t do the hard work necessary to invent new industries, so the American people have to work harder to support everyone else.

Well, Americans are tired of doing all the hard work so others can reap the benefits, Mr. Clinton.

It’s pretty obvious Mr. Clinton is still a paid puppet of the Chinese Communist Government, and an illegal unregistered foreign agent.

Do you think for one second, Mr. Clinton we have forgotten that you and then Vice President Al Gore took illegal campaign money from the Communist Chinese Party, funneled through a Chinese Buddhist Temple?

Well have haven’t forgotten.

And it looks like indeed, nothing has changed in 20 years.

We all know you are a traitor, Mr. Clinton, worse than the Rosenbergs.

The only question remaining is: how long will you be a free man?

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