Infosys’ Joshi Sees Brexit as Worse Than Y2K

Y2K was the hype the Indian Mafia used to open shop in the US in 2000 when the H-1B visas were raised in 1998 to 115,000 per year, and 198,000 per year in 2000 by then president, Bill Clinton.

Back then NASSCOM hired US PR firms such as Hill + Knowlton to hype up “sky-is-falling” panic among the US public in order to justify jamming in millions of foreign job robbers.

Now they are doing the same thing with Brexit, with criminal fined human trafficker organized crime syndicate InfoSys claiming the west needs more incompetent looters from India.

People are such suckers these days + will believe anything.

Shame on you Bloomberg for taking PR cash from InfoSys’ PR firm to pump these lies.

All of this is illegal, in the US at least, since Title 8 forbids foreign workers if Americans are unemployed.

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