University of Houston renames engineering building in name of Indian American couple

This is so typical of the Indian Mafia mentality of takeover.

Americans create and build things, the Indian Mafia moves in, takes over, takes credit, and kicks everyone else out.

It’s how the Indian Mafia and Indians in general, roll.

“One April 26, 2019, the University recognized his sizable and generous gift by renaming the engineering building as the Durga D. and Sushila Agrawal Engineering Research Building. A floor is also named after the couple and the gift will provide ongoing support for faculty, students, research and building operations, according to a press release.

Chancellor Renu Khator, Consul General of India Dr. Anupam Ray, members of the Indian community, students, faculty, Dr. Agrawal’s children, grandchildren and colleagues were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony”.

How’s that for racist + bigotted?

One should probably ask exactly what engineering feats these people provided to America, other than to pump cash into the school.

Probably zip, as usual.

America, Americans, and their heritage are slowly, quietly being erased.

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