US Techworkers: U.S. Tech Worker Defender Cissna Deserves to Keep USCIS Job

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Joe Guzzardi

“Assuming that President Trump was sincere when he signed his 2017 pro-U.S. worker executive order – and serious reservations about his commitment have arisen – then Cissna is the best friend he has. On behalf of America and American workers, Cissna is on record as an enforcer of immigration laws as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act. Moreover, Cissna opposes giving work authorization to H-1B spouses, H-4s. Work authorization to H-4s was given by executive order under the Obama administration, circumventing Congress.

Best of all, Cissna has said he hopes to see the day that Congress would write a one-sentence provision that would prohibit H-1B workers from displacing Americans. Based on his commitment to U.S. workers, Cissna should be allowed to continue to serve”.

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