US top India, China in quality, skill of computer science education

For decades we’ve been hearing about how bad US education is – mostly foreign propaganda, and an excuse to flood the US with more workers from other countries.

Now News India confirms the exact opposite: US computer sci education is the best in the world.

Always has been.

We don’t need foreign students, they need our jobs + industrial secrets.

After all, we created Silicon Valley, which is now being plundered by India and China.

Looks like NASSCOM shill frontman Michio Kaku was incorrect again.

America + most of the modern industry of the world was created by Americans + the American university system.

Note Kaku’s squirmy body language – a dead giveaway that’s probably being paid by the Indian Mafia to pump these lies.

Not made by the best and brightest from all over the world. Made by Americans.

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