Facebook bans ‘dangerous individuals’ cited for hate speech, Pratik Sinha demands similar action in India

‘Dangerous’ individuals, or just those exposing the truth, and the foreign manipulators controlling the US?

India + China hate that they cannot control the narrative in the US, despite massive amounts of paid lobbying, foreign PR influence, and other forms of political coersion.

These are the same tactics the Soviets used to get rid of dissidents – anyone who didn’t agree with communism was deemed “a public danger” or a “threat to society” – and disappeared.

Now globalist US corporations are doing the same thing – electronically – banning anyone who doesn’t go along to get along.

If Facebook wants to ban “hate speech” it better ban Wipro and Azim Premji who criminally defamed American tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent” on MSNBC years back.

Where is the Wipro ban Mark? Are you a hypocrite or aren’t you?


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