Racist, “liberal”, The Economist, its battle with Narendra Modi and how Indian media uses it to bash India’s own Prime Minister

Look who’s talking.

Even the E-Communist and far left NYT have come to realize that allowing Indian business into the US to take over has been a huge mistake.

Most news outlets now realize their globalizaton error, and that they too are under threat of takeover or disappearance. Trump’s election cemented the idea that going for globalism is the kiss of death.

Now Indian media is in a tizzy over articles in The E-Communist, and NYT decrying the cultural invasio and business takeover of America, including Indian vehicle mfg. in Detroit, once the bastion of US mfg.

Well, India, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t invade others’ countries, throw their own workers out of jobs, take over their industries, steal all their trade secrets and move them home, the expect locals to just sit idly by and watch without comment.

India is the most racist country on earth.

What goes around comes around.

“NYT had an issue with Indian attire, the saree as well, calling it a tool for Nationalism. Then, it had lied blatantly about GST and demonetisation to pain Prime Minister Modi and India in poor light. NYT lied about the UAE giving Kerala Rs 700 crores even after it was summarily debunked. NYT also used childrens’ deaths to malign Yogi government’s crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses and drew flak for calling the saree a ‘tool of Hindu nationalist campaign’. It had also in the past used lies to insult victims of the Godhra carnage.

And lo behold, NYT had also peddled long debunked, false data on “violent cow protection” to vilify the Hindu population of India and brand them as violent, deviant, terrorists”.

False like this?

Not so false, really.

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