Boeing knew about safety-alert problem for a year before telling FAA, airlines

This is what happens when you allow the corruption of 3rd world nations such as India to take over your best companies – corruption seeps in and screws everything up.

“And the company didn’t publicly disclose the software error behind the problem for another six weeks, in the interim leaving the flying public and, according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, the agency’s acting chief unaware.

The length of time between when Boeing realized the problem and when it shared that information hasn’t been previously reported. The problem kept a safety feature found on earlier models from functioning on the MAX, though it isn’t clear if the feature would have prevented either crash”.

In other words, the software originally written for the planes by American engineers, which worked flawlessly for 50 years got screwed up as soon as IQ 82 wannbe looters took it over.

Thanks India!

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