Foreign Money Floods Silicon Valley as Trump Battles Chinese Influence over Tech World: Breitbart

All of Asia is looting Silicon Valley now, with China + India leading the list.

Created almost entirely by Americans, Silicon Valley is now 71% foreign workers, and most of them are here to steal tech, and move our most valuable tech companies back to India and China.

The H-1B industrial spy program must be ended immediately as most of these workers are here for ulterior motives.

The list of Indian PACs and foreign influencers is a mile long.



Immigration Voice

Republican Hindu Coalition

Foreign-run immigration law firms




Tech Mahindra

We need to outlaw foreign lobbying + foreign use of PR in our media, and foreign PACs, paying off our congress to allow the looting of our most valuable industry.

“An article at on Wednesday fretted about the amount of foreign money bubbling through Silicon Valley — particularly from the authoritarian regimes of China and Saudi Arabia — and offered a little backhand praise to the Trump administration for taking the problem seriously.

In a nutshell, Vox and its partners at Recode were deeply concerned about the amount of money Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is plowing into American tech firms, frowning as the heir to the Saudi throne frolicked with tech titans like Bill Gates and Tim Cook despite the death of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi agents. The article castigated Silicon Valley for only briefly recoiling from those blood-soaked Saudi billions before returning to business as usual”.

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