NYT’s racism + elitism in full display after Indian company opens manufacturing unit in the US

Gotta love the way the Indian Mafia rolls:

Invade your competitor on H-1B visas, get into their companies and steal all their trade secrets, start your own companies, put them out of business, kick their workers onto the streets, then scream racism when they point out your theft.

Even China can’t get away with this kind of childish looting behavior.

They’re not “opening” anything – they’re looting + replacing Americans and American companies.

Look who’s talking about racism, India.

India is the most racist country on earth – invading entire US industries, taking them over, and throwing Americans onto the streets.

What goes around comes, around, looters.

As a footnote, Mahindra’s US CEO, is a globalist + a CFR member.

Tom Freidman + Paul Krugman have probably realized their jobs are next.

“While most hailed this historic event, NYTimes, which seems to have a grouse with India, was it’s condescending best while reporting this development. NYTimes reported,

It has been years since Detroit, birthplace of the American auto industry, was a steady producer of the manufacturing jobs that defined it as the Motor City. But its comeback is entering a new phase.

The latest milestone came Monday, with the announcement of the area’s first new vehicle assembly plant in 25 years. And the automaker making it happen is from, of all places, India.

“Of all places” is a very patronising way to describe India, which is one of the leading manufacturers in automobile industry with various auto giants having its manufacturing facilities in India”.

Yeah – now that India, like China, has stolen most of our industrial secrets and locked our products out of world markets.

Bank robbers are “successful” too, India.

Oh yeah – real auto mfg. geniuses.

Mahindra’s Richard Haas Named to Manufacturers Association Board of Directors, USA


Richard N. Haass

President, Council on Foreign Relations


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