CIS: Stories of Americans Abused + Replaced by Dumber, Less Qualified Indians on the H-1B Genocide Visa

A must read.

“We have been importing 350,000 Indian fraud engineers with fake degrees and fake resumes for OVER 30 years now, there are at least FIVE MILLION of them here right now, and we only have FOUR MILLION engineering jobs in America. That’s a genocide”.

H-1B Indians Continue to Pour In – 350,000 a year!

Learn to code they said. Become an engineer they told me. But little did I know that we would let in over FIVE MILLION INDIANS with FAKE DEGREES on the H-1B visa.

Even the small segment who have real indian degrees, they are often 3 year degrees or the schools are so substandard and full of cheating its a joke degree.

They are willing to work for pennies on the dollar driving salaries down for American Engineers who can’t find work. Even in boom times, the Indians got all the jobs by undercutting Americans.

So what value that $250,000.00 degree from a good school? Answer: Nothing

This is a NATIONAL DISGRACE and NATIONAL SELLOUT. Trump broke his promise to end this. Even Jeff Sessions who headed committee after committee decrying the H-1B abuses DID NOTHING to end it.

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