Air India Grounds Aircraft, Unable to Purchase Engines

The tech geniuses in India are unable to produce their own aircraft engines.

Not only that, but they royally screwed up one of two major world airliner engine makers Rolls Royce.

“Air India announced this weekend it has set aside nearly $100 million to get nearly 20 grounded narrowbody aircraft back in the air months after they were first pulled out of service due to engine troubles”.

Yeah – engine troubles outsourcing to India caused!

Thanks India!

“After many years of embarrassing durability problems with a series of Trent 1000 engines, the model’s newest iteration, The Trent 1000 TEN, was supposed to mark a clean break with mistakes of the past.

Unfortunately for the manufacturer, that is no longer the case, as Rolls-Royce has just announced an accelerated inspection program for high-pressure turbine (HPT) blades on the TEN”.

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