Frustrated Council members investigate racist mailers targeting Indian-Americans, Asians in NJ


Look who’s talking.

India + China are the most racist countries on earth.

There are no mass guest worker visas for Americans to go work in India + China.

The invasion + takeover of America by Asian powers is in full swing, and Americans are finally waking up.

Flyers by patriotic Americans warning the country about the racist Asian invasion + takeover are now being labelled “racist” by the invaders.

No one cares.

Americans are sick of being targetted for removal in their own country.

India Inc global staffing companies are tearing through American companies + communities targetting Americans for removal everywhere.

Their goal is “VICTORY” over Americans.

Americans are finally waking up.

We need full roundup and deportation of these invaders before it’s too late.

“The seven-member Edison Township Council includes two Indian-Americans, Vice President Ajay Patil and Councilman Samip Joshi, indicative of the importance of this ethnic minority in the city.

Edison is in Middlesex County, and according to the U.S. Census, as of July 1, 2018, 36.4 percent of the population is White; 49 percent is Asian including those of Indian descent; 7.1 percent Black or African American; and 9.6 percent is Hispanic or Latino. (”

Does 2X the number of white people sound like a “minority” to you?

Vote 100% Indian, then scream racism when anyone opposes you.

Racists screaming racism.

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