Open letter to The Economist: A strong India Under Prime Minister Modi is a guarantor of global peace and stability


“Just when everyone says ‘peace and safety’, sudden destructon will come”.

India is a dangerous, violent nation.

It’s goal, is world conquest.

Still angry and blaming Britian’s colonization 150 years ago, India seeks to conquer.

Delusional western fairy-tale globalists such as the Economist have finally woken up to reality.

But it’s probably too late since most power has already shifted to Asia and the US’s strength – it’s industry and workforce has been invaded and sold out on its own soil.

Since Indian Mafia global staffing companies are now going for financial and journalism jobs, The Economist has realized its folly.

Too late. You should have listened decades ago when American workers told you this would end badly.

The Indian Mafia sure does get upset when any western news media goes against it.

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