Trump: Foreign Leaders Want Biden to Win So They Can ‘Rip Off’ America – Breitbart

Many American pols are under the control of foreign powers, just as the Clintons were under the control of the Communist Chinese Party.

Biden is probably working for India Incs, and NASSCOM – just as Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and others are.

Unregistered foreign agents such as USIN-PAC’s Sanjay Puri need to be arrested for illegal foreign subversion activities now.

“America is winning again, and America is being respected again,” Trump told the raucous crowd. “In fact, one of the Democrats today said that he—it’s a he, sleepy person—said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders, and they want him to be president.”

Trump continued: “Of course they do. So they could continue to rip off the United States. Of course. I think if I heard that, I’d never vote for him.”

Biden recently boasted that unnamed world leaders were calling him and “begging” him to run for president”.

He must mean being looted by the likes of India Incs such as Tata, Wipro, InfoSys, HCL, Cognizant, with NASSCOM lobbying behind them.

Foreign leaders want a president under their control so they can jam more of their looter workers into US companies built by Americans to rip us off by looting remittances out of us.

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