West needs greater tech intervention to match China: US spy chief

The last time the US gov’t touched the tech sector they caused the dot-com crash.

US economy was booming + doing just fine.

Until the US gov’t, the Clintons, and Alan Greenspan meddled and gave away all our jobs + industries to China + India on the H-1B industrial spy program.

People in our gov’t actually want to increase foreign work visas for industrial spies.


As the Communist Chinese Party schemes and plots how to get more of its industrial spies into our companies on the H-1B industrial spy program, the US gov’t is scratching its head as to why China is beating us.

We don’t need more US gov’t meddling – we need to protect our own industries + workers from foreign theft.

There, we said it.

One simple act fixes the problem.

Even leftist Jesse Jackson realized the problem is foreign tech workers.

If the US gov’t ended the H1-b industrial spy program tomorrow and put Americans back to work, China’s gains over the US would cease in a month.

But the clueless US gov’t won’t do that because it doesn’t even understand what is going on.

Even after billion-dollar trade secret thefts from Epic Systems, Apple, and Tesla, the US gov’t still doesn’t get it.

We don’t need your meddling Feds – we need you to protect US workers + industry from foreign predator nations + industrial spying.


Chinese generals in 2002 were heard saying “We can’t believe what we are getting away with” – with regard to the mass industrial theft they were pulling on America.

Crouching tiger, hidden thievery.


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