Why Shut Down the Least Harmful of the Foreign Worker Programs While Expanding the Worst? – CIS

Because our gov’t is under foreign control by India + China.

But we have to disagree with Mr. North on this one. H-4 is just as harmful if not more harmful than H-1B. By allowing H-1Bs and their spouses (H-4’s) to both work, they enable those households to buy houses – since most homeownership in America requires two incomes, espcially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

By shutting down the H-4 program, H-1B households won’t be able to continue to own homes – and will even cause never-leaving temporary H-1B workers to lose the houses they never should have bought in the US anyway (since they are all temporary).

Both programs need to be ended now, but the Trump admin is on the right path in ending H-4 work visas.


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