Asian foreign workers cause data breaches

There was a time in America where data breaches at companies were unheard of.

Until the US began importing foreign industrial spies on the H-1B industrial spy program into US companies.

That’s when all the data breaches started.

You may recall the data breaches at Equifax, Target, and Circuit City after all those firms hired H-1B Indian workers.

And even World Bank had to ban Wipro and other India Inc organized crime syndicates for 3 years because they stole data.

When will America learn?

In its quest for cheap foreign labor, and to appease angry failed communist countries, America is giving away most of what it has to industrial spies from Asia.

Now the DOJ has charged a Chinese national with the data breach at Anthem in 2015.

Most of these foreign workers get into the US on H-1B and L-1 work visas or student visas.

Many of them are foreign agents of communist governments such as China.

But the H-1B program just keeps rolling, and for China’s spies, the hits just keep on coming…..

Feds Charge Chinese National With 2015 Anthem Data Breach

“According to federal investigators, Fujie Wang and his hacking group began targeting the US companies starting in Feb. 2014, and ended up stealing personal records and confidential files from Anthem and three other US businesses

In the case of Anthem, the stolen files comprised of people’s names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and employment information —enough data to easily commit identity theft on the affected victims. To exfiltrate the records, Wang and his hacking group placed the information in encrypted archive files, which were then sent through multiple computers to reach destinations in China.”.

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