Has Apple lost its perspective to lead through innovation and design?

Yes it has, thanks to soaring H-1B India Inc worker invasion and takeover.

This ‘Americans-build, Indians-takeover’ syndrome has killed dozens of major US tech companies.

Same thing happened in the late 1990s to companies like Sun Micro, which are no more. This is what caused the dot-com bust and the 2008 Wall St collapse.

Outsourcing to hyped up India Inc will kill your company.

So much for “business transformation”.

Right India?

India Inc invasion kills innovation, stagnates companies, and destroys economies. It’s that simple.

These people are here to loot us.


Looks like the smartest people in the world “coming in” didn’t perform as promised, and are actually harming America’s jewel, Apple.

Roaches check in, companies check out.

Are you listening Mr. Trump?

When will America learn?

Reimagine  work.  Free  the  Enterprise.


Didn’t quite work out as planned, did it Tim?

To Indians, US companies are really just big cookie jars waiting to be looted.

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