Trump Administration proposes fee hike to ‘prepare Americans for jobs being filled by foreign workers’

More empty promises.

Don’t worry, help is coming any day now. We promise. Really.

Trust us.

We’ve been hearing this kick-the-can down the road stuff for 20 years now.

Americans don’t need any ‘preparation’.

Americans created Silicon Valley long before foreign workers arrived.

The US gov’t, as usual is clueless, and has no idea what is going on.

We don’t need foreign workers, they need our jobs and industries to steal and move back to their own countries.

As Peter Brimelow said in his excellent 1995 book “Alien Nation”, they are mostly here to take from us.

Americans were promised training from the H-1B fees in 2000 too when millions of foreign job robbers invaded the US.

Never happened.

Americans never saw any of the $, and remain homeless and unemployed 20 years later.

Wake up Mr. President.

“It was not immediately clear exactly how the extra money would be spent. The Department of Labor’s 2020 budget request says the revenue would help “prepare American workers for jobs that are currently being filled by foreign workers, especially in STEM fields.”

Pocketed by pols most likely. Or used to try to help pay down the debt caused by millions of L-1 visa holders paying no taxes.

Americans will probably see none of it.

Americans created Silicon Valley.

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