Trump Action Could Put ‘Immigrant Spouses Like Me Out of Work’

Except that you’re not immigrants.


You’re temporary guest workers here at our request.

H-1B + H4 visas are not permanent mass immigration visas.

You are guests here, and can be asked to leave any time.

Don’t get too comfy or settle down, since you are putting American tech workers out of work.

You reap what you sow.

Shouldn’t have targeted Americans for removal in their own country.

“While it was a bit worrisome to spend $30,000 on an education I wasn’t sure I could use, I loved learning about how businesses can streamline their systems and provide better service. It was a great relief in 2015 – shortly before my graduation – to find out that I would be able to work. That’s when U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services implemented the Employment Authorization Document (H-4 EAD) for H-4 visa holders like myself. It allowed spouses of high-skilled H-1B visa holders, like my husband, to work in the U.S. I was quickly hired as a banking industry analyst, and it has been a great pleasure to once again exercise my skills and expertise“.

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