Indian students are great at textbook math, but can hardly solve real-world problems: Quartz

But then again, we’ve known that for 20 years – seeing how everything they touch declines, and how they are unable to create their own Apple or Microsoft.

Keep in mind that Silicon Valley was created by hippies + college dropouts, not PhDs. “Math” is only a tiny fraction of the skills + talent needed to create something like Silicon Valley.

We don’t need these people – in fact they have driven the US economy $22 trillion into debt, and 21% of the working age American population into unemployment.

Definitely NOT “the smartest people in the world”.

We are throwing away our most prized jewel industry, all to entertain the delusions of one of the world’s worst 3rd world countries.

“Solving more complex problems like proportions or profit & loss was even more problematic, QuizNext found in its analysis of 120,000 data points collected from over 7,500 students during the month of April”.

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