No Country for White Men

Wow talk about racist + bigotted.

An Indian in Canada talks about the “horrors” of “white colonization” as millions of Asians flood the west to steal every valuable industry + job created by the evil white man.

But where would the “brown” races of the world be without the evil white man’s inventions + industries?

India + China, at least would still be sitting in mud puddles slurping noodles.

How quickly they forget whom it was who gave the world everything it enjoys: the white man.

They hate “white colonization” but they sure love to move to countries built by white people, then occupy them + take over their industries.

Don’t they?

White western-created industry as lifted 2 billion “brown people” out of poverty in just 20 years. Without all that white-created industry, those people would still be living in poverty.

Talk like this clown’s is possibly the biggest act of ingratitude in world history.

It’s not “privilege” if you worked to earn it – something Asians have failed to do. Americans, not Asians, created all the world’s industries.

The author also forgets that “natives” in western lands were savages who were killing each other in tribal wars for centuries, not developing the land or industry, and were, in fact, already enslaving each other.

He also forgets that it was white America that put an end to slavery in 1865.

Slavery is still legal in India, much of Africa, and the middle east.

No mention of that.

If you hate white people so much, then stop stealing their industries + jobs, which they have surrendered to you for free without a peep.

“European powers derived their superiority through a timely combination of technology and navigational advances. As they sailed across the seas, they came upon peoples with lesser technology and lesser means to resist. The consequences for the colonized included slavery, economic exploitation and genocide.

And all though Europeans were amongst the last of the colonizers, they are the most recent in history. The colonization by “white” Europeans is a living memory for hundreds of millions of people in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Millions were enslaved and many millions died. In the Americas, the colonized were permanently displaced in their own lands”.

And through hard work – not the looting of industries created by other races. There were no roads, powerplants, Apples, or Microsofts in America built by savages when Europeans arrived 500 years ago.

Didn’t mention that though, did you?

The thief nations of Asia are using European colonization of 500 years ago today as an excuse to loot the west blind – justifiying the biggest industrial theft in world history by saying essentially “it’s payback time”.

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