Tech Workers Replaced by Foreigners Dispel Common Guest-Visa Myths

The H-1B industrial spy and remittance scam is finally being scrutinized.

More Americans are waking up.

Millions of these faking frauds from India, have moved into top US tech and science jobs and are looting American blind.

They come here for dollars remittances, to get trained, which is fraud, and to move US industry back to their own countries.

‘They come out of sham universities in Bangalore with no specializations whatsoever…’

“These laid-off workers have been ignored by the media

Matt Sussis, who authored the latest report, said: “Our analysis finds that [this narrative] is completely false and is backed up by American tech workers who have been fired from their careers, humiliated by their employers and forced to train their unqualified H-1B guest-worker replacements.

In fact, only a third of Americans with degrees in STEM fields work in STEM-related jobs—meaning there is actually a surplus of qualified Americans that tech companies could recruit before turning to foreigners.”.

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