Winning the H-1B visa lottery is no longer enough

They sure will scam any way into the US they can.

As H-1B visas soar, Asians cry the process is getting harder.

Well after all both India + China have been looting our economy for 20 years.

Any sane nation would scrutinize these thieves.

“But passing the lottery is only the first step. It puts an application into a formal review process, during which US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) can approve or deny each request, or ask for further materials to help inform its decision. Just a few years ago, this secondary approval process was rarely a hiccup for applicants. That changed after an executive order from US president Donald Trump in April 2017. Intended to protect US workers from an influx of foreign nationals competing for the same jobs, the new standards have resulted in additional scrutiny over H-1B applications………

Most of the USCIS’s tightened policies aim to counter abuses by technology-consulting companies, which sometimes hire a large number of foreign workers to handle their business with other US-based tech companies, who are themselves looking for cheaper foreign labor. Skilled workers in science and technology made up roughly half of new H-1B vis applications in the past three years; unsurprisingly, big tech-consulting firms have seen the largest decline in visa-approval rates”.


How about all the time 100%?

And usually cheap foreign labor is illegal under US law.

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