H-1B visa cap fills quickly — + tech talent looks elsewhere

Oh yeah, real talented.

Just like Accenture being sued for $32 million by Hertz for a failed website upgrade, or MillerCoors suing India Inc Failure Shop HCL for over $100 million for more ahem…… “talented” failure.

Not only did India Inc conshop HCL blow the MillerCoors proj, they nearly ran Boeing out of business years ago on the almost failed 787 proj.

In fact, their work was so bad on that proj, the FAA banned them for safety reasons.


Uniquely prone to failure, that is.

These faking frauds from the criminal nation of India are the prime cause of all of America’s problems today.

We don’t need these looters.

Let some other country learn firsthand the destruction the Indian Mafia wreaks on economies.

Good riddance, looters.

Shortage shouting propaganda by the business lobby + its agent, Chamber of Commerce, has been going on for 30 years.


“Our customers are telling us that they are having problems finding skilled talent within the U.S., and so they’re reliant on H-1B visas to bring those skills,” Burke says. “But the way the system is currently structured, it’s not helping them meet the goals that they have. That’s why I think the system is broken; it’s part of the problem.”

Ok, well, let us help you out a bit here.

Here’s 60 million Americans of working age unemployed + available right now for work:

Is 60 million enough?

Is it, Mr. Donahue?

Yeah, that tech talent from other countries sure is working hard:


FL attorney Sara Blackwell exposes the truth:

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