India’s new government may inherit an economy slipping downhill, key economic indicators suggest

Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT!

Slipping downhill?

Aren’t Indians the tech geniuses of the universe? Their economy should be booming, right?

The truth is, India’s economy works by using parasite visas such as H-1Bs off American-built companies, + the remittances from those workers in the US to keep the Indian economy going.

The truth is, without the $12 billion or so foreign Indian workers remit out of the US every year on H-1B jobs, the Indian economy collapses.

As soon as the Trump admin began restricting parasite H-1B visas to the US for Indian workers, the Indian economy takes a nosedive.

The truth is, without the siphoning India is doing on the US economy, it cannot prosper.

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