Kushner’s Immigration Plan Would Displace More American Workers from Good Jobs: US Techworkers

Outstanding article from US Techworkers on Kushner’s immigration plan.

Just who is running our gov’t anyway?

Kushner was not elected by the American people, Trump was.

“White House senior advisor Jared Kushner’s immigration plan is a direct threat to thousands of U.S. workers with white-collar jobs. Kushner’s vision, which he’s worked on for months, and developed under the false pretense that the nation has a dire labor shortage, would emphasize skilled labor, but would further displace American workers. U.S. workers, especially in the tech field, have been fighting an uphill battle to retain their jobs since the Immigration Act of 1990 which created the H-1B and other employment-based visas

The H-1B and its job-killing cousin, the L-1, which facilitates overseas intra-company transfers of questionable value, have destroyed entire domestic IT departments. Case in point: Siemens ICN fired its well-educated, experienced tech department, forced them to retrain their South Asian replacements, and paid the ousted employees a pittance as severance.

The fraud-ridden EB-5 Kushner took advantage of is scorned everywhere except on Capitol Hill where Congress refuses to kill it, and except among the lucky 9,000 recipients, up from 64 in 2003, who write a check, then get a visa, and bring family along for the ride. A Washington Post editorial, “An Immigration Policy Worth Ending,” states that the EB-5 “has created a lot of jobs for consultants, lawyers and lobbyists, who get paid to entice wealthy foreigners into applying for the visas, and to persuade Congress to renew it each year”.

Indeed unregistered foreign agent lobbyists such as Leon Fresco are working for foreign powers.

Is Kushner also?

The EB-5 program is in fact, so corrupt that the Feds did shut the entire program down in Vermont.

Foreign invader job robbers will scheme + scam their way into America, any way, and every way they can.

In this lawless age, scams seem to rule the day everywhere.

Kushner built a luxury skyscraper using federal loans intended to support deprived areas


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