US court orders govt immigration body to explain H-1B delays

The racist + bigotted 100% Indian ITServe Alliance filed the lawsuit.

ITServe Alliance runs its “business model” off “temporary guest” worker visas such as H-1B.

Imagine going to a friend’s house for dinner as a guest, then taking over their house + kicking them into the street, then demanding they explain why they wanted their house back.

That is what invader thieves from India and ITServe Alliance are doing to America. They sure are demanding for “guests”.

We don’t need to “explain” anything to you.

This is our country, you are our guests , and we can kick you out or restrict your entry any time we feel like it.

In fact, that is the law.

The only reason the court needs to hear is that these people are theives and are looting us blind.

Not to mention deliberately denying jobs to American workers.

These are foreign agents manipulating our gov’t.

100% Indian Mafia in violation of EEOC laws, and US Civili Rights Act discrimination in hiring. Zero prosecution, DHS, and EEOC silent.

Foreign agent lawyer Sheela Murthy doesn’t even hide her racism.

“Temporary guests” break into America, never leave, become lawyers, then sue their hosts.

Soon all of America will be Indian Mafia at work:

And guess which US politician it was who did this to America?

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