Trump officials + lawmakers say China is the problem not Huawei

Huawei is China.

As most everyone knows, most “private” companies in China also have ties to the Chinese military, The Peoples’ Liberation Army.

Huawei is a Chinese gov’t entity with a corporate face. You can’t separate the two.

Both are spying on the US.

Does the US gov’t even understand that the H-1B industrial spy program is the prime conduit for China to get its industrial spies into the US?

“Trump administration officials have warned for months that Huawei’s global expansion into next-generation 5G wireless networks would amplify the threat of Chinese digital spying.

But now they’re taking the gloves off, accusing the Chinese government of running roughshod over international norms and its own laws to steal Western innovations. The stepped up rhetoric comes as President Trump imposed high tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports, leading to a major escalation in trade hostilities between the two countries”.

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