Indian-Americans shine on campaign trail

Now that they have succeeded in stealing most of our good companies + jobs, while the US gov’t sits idly by + does nothing, now they are taking over our gov’t too.

When will America wake up?

We are being colonized.

Next step? Slavery.

If you want to see foreign collusion + election tampering, look no further than India.

Not exactly “temporary guest workers” now are they?

Why hasn’t Cory Booker’s illegal unregistered foreign agent Sanjay Puri of USIN-PAC been arrested yet?

For his presidential campaign, United States Senator Cory Booker recruited an Indian-American to lead his national media outreach. This is just the latest critical campaign position an Indian-American has been appointed to.

No longer ‘behind-the-scenes’ players, rather, a new batch of Indian-Americans is playing key roles in election campaigns and Congressional offices.

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