‘Racist, Toxic, Nationalism’

India, the most racist, toxic, criminal looter nation on the face of the globe loves to hurl negative labels at America.


“After racial attacks, new ‘hate’ video says Indians have ‘ravished’ US Midwest

The 2:49 minute video is titled ‘Welcome to Columbus Ohio Suburbs — Let’s Take a Walk to Indian Park’ and according to BuzzFeed News it has been created by 66-year-old computer programmer from Virginia named Steve Pushor. It has been posted on the website saveamericanitjobs.org”.

But let’s have a look at India’s own racist nationalism shall we?

Truth is, India is racist beyond anyone’s belief.

Former Infosys recruiter says he was told not to hire U.S. workers


In the workplace, Indians only hire 100% Indians.


There are no mass visa programs in India for Americans to go work there and “throw Indians out in their own country”.

100% racist Indians bought former congressman Kevin Yoder, who was thrown out of office by woke Americans.

No toxic racism going on here, right? 100% Indians.

Toxic racist takeover of Silicon valley, built by white Americans, stolen by looter thief Indians, now 98% Indian.

100% toxic, racist Indians.

Over at Naruki.com it’s 100% all toxic, racist Indians.

ITServe Alliance is a toxic, racist, 100% Indian illegal H-1B fraud shop. They are currently suing the US gov’t for denying faker frauds from India fake H-1B applications. Toxic and racist.

ITServe Alliance monthly meet. 100% toxic + racist Indians.

Over at HireIndians it’s 100% toxic + racist Indians, as usual. No other races allowed. Period. Toxic + racist.

As usual, the 100% toxic + racist Indians are more interested in partying than working hard, as they always claim. No wonder India is such a shithole country.

Over at Crowdfire, it’s 100% racist + toxic Indians.

Over at Desi.OPT it’s also 100% racist + toxic Indians.

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