The Indians are coming! The Indians are taking over!

Well, they are.

If the above photo of an IT company from India isn’t “racist + bigotted” then what is?

Of course they have the highest median income in the US of all immigrants groups – millions of them waltzed into the US unrestricted + stole Silicon Valley from the “white Americans” who built it.

Bank robbers are “successful” too.

Indians sure are upset a US president even mentioned their H-1B industrial looting + theft.

Their own economists even admit their goal is takeover.

Then one of their genius commentors was even dumb enough to admit takeover is exactly whaft they are doing.

Says the looter from the nation where average IQ is 82 – 17 points below the average American IQ.

The fact of the matter is, India is a criminal, parasite, looter nation. Americans build everything, Indian parasite looters move in and take over.

It’s that simple.

Now all of America is woke.

Why, just look at all those “affluent Indians” who created Silicon Valley.

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