Trump wants new immigrants to be patriotic. What that means in new America – Sujeet Rajan

Takeover immigrants + never-leaving temporary guest workers really don’t care what Trump wants.

They are here to takeover and rob us, and they will just wait Trump out.

They are here to work for their own countries, not ours.

Someone needs to tell the writer that H-1Bs are non-immigrants.

The very tone of this article reveals the true intent of job robbing parasite remittance-hungry Indians who are here to “die for dollars”.

Elitist countries like India? IIT is so bad it cannot even get international accrediation. Average Indian IQ i 82 – borderline retarded. Not exactly “academic superheros”, now are they?

Got love the way most “elitist” genius Indians butcher most US colloquialisms such as “woe to those”. (Genius writer Sujeet Rajan prefers “woe on those”).

The author is delusional, as are most Indians.

“NEW YORK – Trump’s grandiose plan to overhaul the immigration system in America and bring in fluent-English speaking, super-skilled immigrant nerds and high achievers whose likely salaries would make many CEOs cringe in awe, has another caveat: they should also demonstrate traits of patriotism, to promote integration, assimilation and national unity.

What that probably means, according to a Washington Post report, is that such meritorious Green Card applicants would be required to pass a civics exam based on a reading of George Washington’s farewell address or Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association

While the controversial Affirmative Action issue would soon come up before the Supreme Court, decide how much merit is there really in merit, and SAT scores could become paramount – of far more priority than a civics exam, a new measure by the College Board has parents living in affluent suburbs scratching their heads”.

Hate white people and America’s traditions much there Sujeet?

We know what Indians’ real motives are in America.

Keep running your mouth from India. No one cares.

Why, just look at all those “meritorius” genius high achievers from India….

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