HCL to bring 2,000 IBM staff onboard as part of $1.8-billion deal

Failure shop HCL is hovering over IBM’s nearly dead carcass like a vulture.

This is how the Indian Mafia rolls: invade and take over other peoples’ companies, destroy + gut their business, then when they’re about to die, buy up what’s left of them at bargain basement prices.


The deal is expected to be complete by June. The acquisition of IBM’s products would give HCL access to over 5,500 clients globally.

HCL Tech will be acquiring IBM products such as Appscan, BigFix, Unica, Commerce, Portal, Notes & Domino and Connections for secure app development, secure device management, marketing automation, omni-channel e-commerce, digital experience, email and low-code rapid app development and workstream collaboration, respectively.

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