Indians likely to benefit as Trump unveils new immigration policy for merit-based professionals

Trump lied.

He has sold out the Americans who put him in office to the Indian mafia lobby.

No “America first”.

No “Absolute requirement to hire Americans first, no exceptions”, as promised.

Just more sellout to foreign powers.

Our gov’t + its politicians work for foreign powers.

All they care about is how the US + its gov’t are benefiting them. They are not here to help the US economy.

Even “skilled” immigrants (or non-immigrants who never leave), are bad for the US if their goal is theft of our industries, targeting Americans for removal, and remitting piles of cash out of the US and back to their own countries.

Trump proposal for a point-based system means people with skills will be preferred for permanent residency as against the current country-based quotas that favours family ties for green cards. Under the plan, 57% of the proportion of green cards, or lawful permanent residence status, will be given to people with skill-based visas as against the 12% currently.

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