Trump proposes new Green Card – Build America Visa

No “America first”, no “Absolute requirement to hire Americans first, no exceptions”.

More campaign promise lies.

Just another sellout to foreign powers + lobbyists.

The US gov’t works for foreign powers. Trump is in India’s pocket, just like every prior president since Bill Clinton.

These invaders are not here to “build America”. They are here to target and throw Americans out of work, and to steal our industries.

America was built by Americans, as was Silicon Valley.

These looters are here to rob us.

Trump’s plan would keep millions of temporary guest workers who never left here permanently, and give even more job robbers work visas.

American workers were not even mentioned.

The president represents foreign powers, not American citizens.

Someone also needs to tell the president that age discrimination in hiring is illegal under US law.

“President Donald Trump announced a new set of immigration reform proposals on Thursday, at the White House, which would, if implemented, replace the existing green card categories with a new visa, the Build America visa.

The aim of the new Build America visa, which would dominate the allocation of one million green cards issued every year, would be to give permanent residency to more young, English-proficient, highly skilled immigrants in America, whether they are already living here – as a student or as a worker, or from overseas.

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