When India Incs target Americans, it’s “globalization”. When Americans expose it, it’s “stalking”.

How is demanding H-1B “temporary” guest worker visa laws be enforced “stalking” or “anti-immigration”?

H-1B foreign guest workers are temporary and are non-immigrants.

After all, they are either temporary guests, or permanent settlers.

Which is it?

When Indian-only staffing companies such as InfoSys tear through American companies targetting Americans for removal, not a peep from the MSM.

But when an American tech worker exposes the permanent invasion and takeover of America by the racist Indian mafia, then it’s “stalking”.

Why won’t the MSM show what is going on inside companies, and how the racist Indian Mafia targets American workers for removal from jobs in their own country.

Not to mention that all of these foreign workers are inadmissible aliens under US law Title 8, Section 1182.

Why won’t the MSM mention that the law is being broken?


An Anti-Immigration Website Posted A Video Of Indian Families Hanging Out In A Park

“Following the murder of an India-born engineer in Kansas, an immigration reform website raises new alarms about a climate of hostility toward foreign tech workers”.


Even leftist Jesse Jackson realized and said publically that foreign tech workers were a threat to America and that we need to get rid of them.

Jesse Jackson: Get rid of foreign tech workers


American Website Targetting Indians is Old Bigotry Masked as H1-B Anxiety

“It has happened before. And it was also called “satire” back then. The Indian-American community, jittery after the Kansas City shooting, have been spooked by a video and posts on a website called SaveAmericanITJobs.com. The H1-B anxiety is not new in America. But what was creepy this time was a video of a public park in a Columbus, Ohio suburb that’s apparently become “mini Mumbai

Anil Dash, an Indian American startup founder tells Buzzfeed “He’s, like, following people who are just at a playground in their neighbourhood, and their kids are there. I’m a dad. I have a kid. We play in public playgrounds. This idea that someone’s going to surveil you and creepily videotape your family is kind of terrifying”.

And then the same article shows a photo of 100% Indians rallying.

100% Indians.

But don’t worry – Americans are the bigots.

Look who’s talking.

What is even creepier is the way the Indian Mafia tears through US tech companies targeting all American tech workers for removal with rage.

But the MSM won’t ever mention that, or show what is going on inside US companies as the Indian Mafia continues to invade and erradicate white Americans from history.

Steve Pushor exposed the racist, rampant invasion and takeover of America by the Indian Mafia. The MSM + business lobby in OH sure didn’t like it one bit.

They were even dumb enough to show photos of their huge houses they buy with all the illegal labor they are employing.

“Indian guest workers in the Great Midwest. Our walk in the park provides evidence as to who has the Jobs in this area, and they are not the citizens of Ohio. It is proof on the ground how guest workers are not only taking over jobs, but also taking away the real estate and parks. The USA Ohio IT Workers have disappeared to oblivion“.

Columbus is a prime targeted location for Indians. It is pure nirvana for them. The Columbus area has perfect roads, water and sewage landscaping and roundabouts, it is a gorgeous area and the Indians know it. That couples with the pro H-1B L-1 business requirements exposed by the pro-business Country Club Establishment crowd in Ohio, IT layoffs have been going on for years throughout Ohio – H-1B and offshoring rules. While IT people and other professional s move out of the suburban homes, the Indians move in. Displacement of Americans has occurred and Indians with various Visa documents in hand have become part of the landscape“.

Of course the Chamber doesn’t want people to catch on that they are illegally manipulating wages (wage-fixing), which is a Federal crime.

The Chamber is now the biggest, most powerful lobby in DC.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Donahue?

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