More shortage shouting

If that isn’t a demonic stare and the face of the 1% elite business community, then we don’t know what is. Let’s analyize their little cheap labor propaganda piece, shall we?

“No, it is not full. It is not close to being full. In fact, the opposite is true. As aging baby boomers leave the workforce and depend more heavily on costly government services, more immigrants are desperately needed to fill jobs, pay taxes, have babies and revitalize areas that are losing population”.

Ah yes, that “desperate labor shortage” lie we always hear from the business establishment, and Chamber of Commerce, now the biggest lobby in DC.

Areas are losing population because they are being invaded by foreign workers, who move in, get trained, then move the jobs in that area back to India + China. The very people you are importing are causing locals to be forced out of the areas. That’s why they’re “losing population“. Millions of Americans are fleeing CA + NY for example, because of invasion.

Too bad it’s all a lie. The greedy biz lobby needs to keep their cheap labor immigrant pipeline running in order keep their illegal wage-fixing going, which is a federal crime.

But the Chamber of Commerce in DC keeps the payoffs to pols running, to make sure wage-fixing laws are never enforced.

“Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric serves only one purpose: to energize his supporters by inflaming the nativist fears that have periodically engulfed the country throughout our history. He firmly believes those fears helped elect him once, and will again”.

Well it’s not “nativist fears” if armies of invaders who hate white Americans from India are tearing through our best companies, targeting American workers for removal.

Most of them, especially on work visas, are non-immigrants. Over 4 million non-immigrants are in a non-existent “greencard backlog” which is fake since they were all supposed to be temporary guest workers and go home when Y2K ended.

Now cheap labor lobbyists like Cokie + her husband are trying to convince Americans there’s some “desperate labor shortage“, when in fact, there is a surplus of workers.

The real unemployment rate is 21% and that’s the number of working-age Americans who are available to work.

But the business elites don’t want American workers having any power, and so their cheap labor shortage shouting propaganda continues.

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